I Box che volevi

“What you wanted” is Mepra’s answer to a more and more demanding market, always changing faster and faster.

More and more, people want to buy more than simple objects, they are looking for ideas and emotions. In this section you will find a collection of original gift ideas, the result of our collaboration with designers Paolo Barichella, Roberta Pietrobelli and Jacopo Pavesi.


Do you like meat or vegs? Are you a family of gourmets? Do you feel like a funambulist when cooking a plate of pasta? Don’t leave home without a royal breakfast?

Mepra has the right answer for you.

10 different boxes to create your passions in the kitchen, 10 exclusive themed kids, so you really won’t miss a thing.


The only thing you need to choose is: Which Box Are You?







Ecco le diverse proposte Mepra!